Facilitators - Paul, Debbie, Nora



Paul Mc Cormack has been facilitating Holotropic Breathwork since the early 1990's and has run workshops all over the world in addition to here in Ireland. Paul is a qualified and accreditated Psychotherapist / Counsellor in addition to being a Grof certified facilitator and also is qualified in sound engineering and music production. Paul strongly believes in the healing and transformational power of Holotropic Breathwork whether it manifests as resolution of old complexes / traumas or behavioural patterns or simply boosts and enhances one's personal creativity and  energy.


Debbie Byrne is a qualified psychotherapist / counsellor and has a well established private practice in Dublin and has worked with many and varied clients over the past 15 years. Debbie came across Holotropic Breathwork over fifteen years ago while on her own personal journey.  She continues to attend regular workshops as a participant and she believes the breathwork has expanded her capacity for love compassion and forgiveness which has allowed her let go of many past hurts and break old patterns which in turn has brought real peace and intimacy into her life.  Holotropic breathwork has given her a deeper understanding of the power of the unconscious, which she believes helps her in her work as a psychotherapist.


Nora Mc Donnell is a secondary school teacher in the west of Ireland and enjoys bringing the  holotropic perspective to her everyday interactions with young people. She has been involved with Holotropic Breathwork™ since the late nineties and certified as a GTT facilitator in 2011. Since then she has facilitated at workshops and training modules in Ireland, England, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Ukraine and Austria. 
She enjoys travelling to share in the Holotropic Breathwork™ experience in all its capacities.  She sees Holotropic Breathwork™ as a way of life rather than just something she does.