Holotropic Breathwork Ireland.



Grof Holotropic Breathworktm is a means by which we can access deep parts of ourselves and which facilitate our sense of connection both with the Self and the Universe.


"Journeying in a safe and supportive environment enables our own wise inner healer to direct the flow of our exploration - moving towards wholeness, healing and reconnecting with feelings, experiences and our potential for living more creatively in and with the universe."


The process developed by Stan and Christina Grof, involves ancient techniques using breath and music to facilitate opening.

The principle that we can access our own potential and capacity for insight, wisdom and healing is the basis for Holotropic Breathwork.tm

Holotropic Breathworktm is a non directed inner process, it is an adventure in self exploration, self recovery and self discovery. It is a form of self exploration which is based on the drive inside each of us to become whole.

To see photos of the centre click here. In this website, you will find information on the types of workshops, a schedule of workshops, and links to other sites providing information on Holotropic Breathworktm worldwide.










Co. Mayo,



Phone: Paul +353 (0) 86 8275973


Email: paulmccormack.bife@gmail.com


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